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Apr 18, 2016 · Browning's website, right this very minute, still lists the BAR Safari with BOSS as current and available in 270, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, and 338 Win Mag. Browning, c'est un ensemble de produits adaptés pour la chasse et le tir sportif avec des fusils, des carabines, des vêtements, des accessoires, ... Follow this link Browning Rifle - Grade II Belgium, 30/06 caliber, 22 inch barrel, with Leupold VX-3 3.5x10x40 AO scope, with Leupold bases and rings, mad... (Full Details) Price: $895.00 Browning 7mm rem mag BAR. I just revived this old BAR after ten years of sitting on the shelf. 50 yard bore site was good, almost no adjustment. ... BOSS muzzle brake ... Browning BAR Safari II w/Boss 7mm rem mag , Mfg 1995, made in Belgium, with Leupold Vari X III, 3.5 x 10 x 50 E.F.R., duplex , excellent condition, few small dings in wood from safe, sheâ s been a... Jun 01, 2010 · As new with Boss- muzzle break and accuracy tuning aid-- Browning A-BOLT II STALKER bolt-action rifle in.300 Winchester Magnum cal. Tough black composite stock w/ slight palm swell for precise finger-to-trig positioning. 26" mat bbl & action.. Feb 23, 2017 · I am interested in buying a BAR Mark 3 in the 7mm-08 caliber. This gun will fit my needs for Hog/Deer hunting in the south without the recoil of a 30-06. Since I will use it for Hog hunting, I am looking for a semi-automatic. The thing is, I cannot find a single review of the BAR Mark 3, much less find one on a specific cartridge. Browning Bar, Brn 031-001324 Bar Mk2 Saf 270 Boss $1,279.99 The bar mk ii safari is the hunting rifle that sets the bar for every other autoloader on the planet with accuracy and speed that is not matched by any other hunting semi-auto.The ballistic... The Browning BAR Safari with BOSS this is the rifle that set the standard for hunting semi-autos. Featuring fine Walnut, a precision machined ordinance steel receiver and a hammer forged barrel, this magnificent BAR will make autoloading enthusiasts out of the most skeptical riflemen. Mar 16, 2009 · I don't know whether they can be retrofitted, but the Browning BOSS system is a working muzzle break that has an adjustable weight which changes the "resonant frequency" of the rifle barrel. It isn't well known, but rifle barrels actually move when a bullet is shot down them, the higher the power the bullet the more they move. Browning Boss Cr Fits Bar Mark II & A-Bolt Centerfire Rifles Md: 1140022 There Are Many advantages Of Boss Without a Muzzle Brake Feature. It Has a 1 Piece, No Hole Accessory That Is Designed To Fit Only Bar MK II's And A-Bolt II's previously Factory Fitted With Boss. Comes In Many Finishes From Stainless To Blue Gloss.Type: Boss CrModel: A-BoltFinish: Black MatteSize: 270WSM/7MMWSM/7MM Rem ... Part Number:031001326 Buds Item Number: 28757 Browning 30-06 Semi-Automatic Bar Safari w/Boss/Blue Barrel/Walnut Stock As the first autoloader to offer magnum cartridge capability, the...Browning bar 7mm with boss system trade for smaller caliber browning bar 985-516-4442 . Posted By BrianSeal Browning Boss CR Fits Bar Mark II & A-Bolt Centerfire Rifles. $37.49. Out of stock. Only 0 left . SKU. GAG_1140012-27726. Notify me when in stock Shop Similar Items . Description This is a well setup Browning BAR Mark II Safari High Power Rifle chambered in the flat shooting and hard hitting 7mm Remington Magnum Cartridge. It features Browning's BOSS accuracy tuning and recoil reducing system. The high polished blue finish is nicely set of by the gloss finished and finely checkered walnut stock. browning 31001224 browning bar mk ii safari .270 winchester 22 blued walnut Bought 30-06 Abolt with Boss from rep that bought out the Browning Display at shot show, came with a non ported shroud to put on in place of muzzle brake boss, after I had tuned the Boss to the weight bullet i was going to use.. I still have that 30-06 too. Since then, added bull barrel 22-250, 308, and BAR 300 WM. My fav outta the box hunting ... Benelli R1 vs Browning BAR Safair with BOSS . I am debating between the Browning BAR Safari Mark 2 and the Benelli R1, both in 30-06.....maybe .308. ... The Browning BAR was made to handle any factory 300WinMag load, so you can go ahead duplicate factory performance with listed loads from reputable sources (Hornady, Sierra, etc.). IMR4350 is a good "safe" powder for the 300WinMag, as is IMR4831, and RL22. Go ahead and use a magnum primer, unless the load recipe specifically says not to. I have a browning bar safari 2 in 7 mag. I shoot a 3/4 inch group at 100 yds, mine came with both bosses.I like mine it is very loud though. I wear a pair of walkers game ears to protect my hearing in a box stand that rifle will make you deaf in a couple of seasons if you have alot of animals too shoot at hogs coyotes and deer.
This Browning BAR Mark II Safari with BOSS, semi-auto, caliber.308 Win. Serial number 107NW07762 dates to 1994. The BAR Mark II Safari is the rifle that set the standard for hunting semi-autos. Features include a fine Walnut checkered stock and forearm, a polished blue scroll engraved receiver drilled and tapped for a scope.

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Browning rates the recoil reduction of the BOSS on a .30-06 at 34%. Plus, the rifle also sports a very nice recoil pad on the butt. I've actually fired as many as 135 rounds in a day, in a tee-shirt, off the bench, and never came home with a sore shoulder.

Browning, c'est un ensemble de produits adaptés pour la chasse et le tir sportif avec des fusils, des carabines, des vêtements, des accessoires, ... Follow this link

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BROWNING Browning BAR Safari With Boss Rifle. Reviewer: Evan. Recommended: Yes. This is a .300 Win. Mag. semiauto rifle with Boss. I bought it right before the 2002 deer season. Fitted a Bushnell 3200 Elite 3-9 40 scope on it. ... READ REVIEW

The Browning BAR is a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle produced by the Browning Arms Company first in Belgium and later in Japan. The rifle loads from a box magazine detachable from a hinged floor plate.

browning bar safari 300win 24 boss – 023614631743 bro 031001329 bro 031001329 rifle bro bar mark ii safari 300win 24 boss 120008 023614631743 simple browning rifles action: semi auto caliber: 300 win boss barrel length: 24 overall length: 45 length of pull: 13 34 drop at comb: 34 drop at heel: 1 18 weight: 8 lbs 3 oz magazine capacity: 3 twist rate: 1 in 10 barrel finish: polished blued ... Precision accuracy from the BOSS system is achieved by calibrating your rifle caliber and ammo with a "sweet spot" setting. The "sweet spot" settings in your BOSS owners manual were determined through extensive testing by the Browning Research and Development staff.